First Blog

Daniella Carder

So I am prettyRichmond Park new to the whole blogging industry but I thought this would be a useful addition to my not so exciting curriculum vitae so here goes! I am a twenty something female with a 2:1 BA with honours in Media & Cultural Studies and Screenwriting and I am now seeking out a fresh start in Manchester as a Content Writer.

Everybody has a secret dream job they would love to do one day so I am going to be brave and share mine with you; I love to help people communicate, real life people who maybe need a little extra help in filling out pesky forms, creating bold CVs and exciting covering letters, proofreading and editing their first manuscript or maybe they have fallen behind with their paperwork and they are looking for someone who can give a hand. I want to help you communicate your message more effectively. It may not seem all that exciting but to me it is easier than breathing.

Now I will be honest with you guys- I don’t have a great deal of official content writing in the workplace but what I lack in practical experience I make up for with my genuine passion for producing engaging content and of course all the volunteering experience I have done helping disadvantaged people in my local area access the resources they need.

Anyway that is probably enough for a first post so to you guys, thanks for reading and TTYL!


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