While I am seeking a job I have been utilising my free time effectively by working on some of my own personal projects such as building up this blog (and hopefully some followers) and I have just started a new screenplay loosely based on a true story.

It follows the story of a young 15 year old girl wrongly incarcerated as an adult in Holloway prison and her ensuing friendship with a fellow inmate. With any luck it will be ready for submission by September. For all of you experienced and not so experienced writers out there what was your first port of call for submitting unsolicited scripts?

There are plenty of production companies out there but how do you know which is right for you? I have learned the hard way that there are definitely some to be avoided; back in 2013 I did an unpaid internship at a small independent company in south west London only to discover upon applying for my first retail position that they denied I had ever worked there! It was a bit of a sting in the tail to say the least but I will keep on searching. In the mean time I best crack on with this screenplay, tentatively titled ‘Inside’, and I will post an update later on. TTYL.

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