Growing Up in the early 90s
Growing up in the early 90s

Wasn’t life so much simpler back in our childhood days? I recall a time when my biggest concern was selecting a book to read on rainy days in the classroom.

As it is #FlashbackFriday I thought it would be a good opportunity to reminisce  on my love affair with reading; looking back on it now I see how my love for books grew with encouragement from my great grandmother, an inspiring woman who worked her fingers to bone to provide for her family. She inspired my initial love for reading by buying books for me from the age of just 18 months. From then on I bled my mother’s bank account dry with endless pleas for just one more book and by the age of 10 I had officially surpassed the reading age of an 18 year old with a passion for crime fiction and historical drama… yeah I was a weird kid. It was an escape from the real world so it is no wonder that from reading came my love affair with words and writing.

Nowadays I will read pretty much anything, from zombie apocalyptic drama to an old fashioned romance set in the West or even a good who-dunnit murder mystery. I believe that is why I will try anything once and the same applies to my writing style.

While I mainly stick to writing fantasy novels for young adults I have been known to write a spec episode for a comedy tv series based on the trials and tribulations of four 30-something adults seeking live before valentines day, and even a horror screenplay about cannibal in-laws (and you thought yours were bad!). I have dabbled with poetry, rewriting policies and procedures, letter writing and even on occasion song lyrics.

You might be wondering what the point of this post is and I don’t blame you. Sometimes we all get so tied down by status quo, sticking to what we know that we forget that tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity.

I guess what I am doing is asking you to try something new, be versatile and experiment with a new genre or even a new format such as a screenplay, game narration, poetry or even an advice coloumn. Don’t limit yourself. You might have people tell you that maybe you should stick to what you know but I say be brave, take a risk, surprise yourself and try something totally new. It might just pay off. TTYL.

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