Writing Tips

Blank Screen Syndrome?

So you have an idea? Great, now what?

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, ideas are the easy part. It’s putting pen to paper that is the challenging bit; what seems like a great idea in theory is proving somewhat challenging to actually put down in words. We’ve all been there at three am banging our heads against the table but my advice to you is this, to simply put the pen down and walk away.

Now that may seem counterintuitive if you have deadlines to meet but it honestly works. Instead of getting more frustrated and wound up at the lack of progress taking place go and do whatever it is you do when you need a time out. It could be a short walk to the park, playing with your children or a glass of wine or three (I won’t judge). Take some time out for you. You deserve it. Then, when you’re ready come back.
Take a deep breath.

You can do this. If you have been following this blog you should already have a solid plan in place illustrating your charactersmotiveconflict and structure clearly. Now it is up to you to fill the gaps in between. Take it one scene at a time and remember to smile. We write for the love of writing!

And don’t forget if you ever need a little advice or a fresh perspective to look over anything I’m here. TTYL

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