Writing Tips

10 Writing Exercises!

​Just like professional athletes building up their physical strength or chefs learning to cook gourmet dishes you have to train your brain muscles regularly in order to maximise your output. In order to achieve this I have composed a series of short writing exercises to complete at your own leisure.

1. Objects can’t Talk

Describe an inanimate object in 300 words. It could be a heirloom passed down through the generations or a talking teacup. What ever it is make it interesting and clearly identify a plot or purpose to the tale you are telling.

2. Loss of Sense

Write a letter to a friend describing how the loss of a sense (smell, sight, hearing, touch or taste) has impacted your life and how it makes you feel.

3. A Toast to the Happy Couple

Pick a person you are close to and write a speech for their wedding day. You could include anecdotes, humour or explain how they have impacted your life.

4. Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Plan to adapt the strangest true story you can find. Use news articles for inspiration and write a 250 word plan for an adaption (book or screenplay).

5. Villain (Or is he?)

Select an infamous villain, from fiction or real life, and write a 1 page account on their behalf, explaining their motivations and emotions.

6. The Social Network

Choose a status post at random on a social networking site and write an imagined journal entry for the day’s events that led to the status.

7. Everyone has an Opinion

Pick a book at random and turn to any page. Rewrite this page from a different character’s perspective, identifying any differences they may feel.

8. Peeping Toms

Eavesdrop on a conversation, wait for one hour then to the best of your knowledge try to recall who, why and what took place in less than 100 words.

9. Interview with a Neighbour

Imagine a neighbour is selected for an interview about the area you live in. What questions might they be asked and how might they respond? Stick as closely to the truth as possible from their perspective.

10.  Is Blood Thicker than Water?

You are a twenty something year old male who has just discovered your best friend is in a relationship with your sibling. How do you feel? Write 150 words.

I’ll be completing one of these exercises once a week and sharing it here on daniellacarder.com for you guys to check out. Did you find some trickier than others? Don’t forget to let me know and share yours too! TTYL.

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