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How To Be A (Not So Grown Up) Writer!


There is a huge debate about when it is acceptable to call yourself a writer but I’m here to tell you to own it, stand up proudly and say ‘Yes I am a writer’!

There are over a million ways to tell a story; sure there are those more conventional, such as the timeless novel, groundbreaking journalism, plays, poetry or even song, but then there are other not so traditional methods which shouldn’t be so easily disregarded. Consider the power of advertising for example; I don’t know about you guys but the tear ducts were flowing last Christmas when Allegro first broadcast their advert which told the beautiful tale of an elderly Polish gentleman living alone as he learns English to prepare for his first meeting with his grandchild. Heartwarming stuff.

Allegro Christmas Advert Still 2016
Allegro Christmas Advert 2016

Thinking outside the box there’s an argument to be made for story telling in video games (Life is Strange, Until Dawn), blog posts depicting an adventurer’s travels across the globe or even a letter to a friend recalling an amusing incident. No form of writing is better than the other. It’s finding one that suits you that matters.

How To Be (A Not So Grown Up) Writer!

Once you’ve figured out what form of story telling captivates you I am sure that the hours of doodling, writing and re-writing await. The argument tonight though is to discuss when it is acceptable to label yourself as a writer.

When your first novel is published?

When your blog reaches its first 1000000 views?

When you become a journalist for a national newspaper?

When you get your first paid gig as a digital content marketer?

Why wait for any of these things?

I guess for a lot of people like myself it’s hard to label yourself as a writer, even though we totally are, because it signals commitment and that is a little scary. No one wants to be the failed writer who never quite made it. Even worse, when you’re working a day job to pay the bills but it’s writing that fuels your veins . What do you call yourself then?

You are a writer from the moment you put pen to paper. It takes effort to write… but it is so hard to admit that out loud. After all the first question you are asked after revealing giphyyour profession as a writer is ‘oh so what have you written?’ and suddenly you have to justify yourself. What makes you any more distinguished than the average John Doe who wants to write a book one day? The answer is… You’re doing it!

Blood, sweat and tears. It all goes in to creating your baby. Maybe it hasn’t been published or found a massive fan base yet. That’s okay. Have the strength to acknowledge that you have actively poured time and love in to writing and be proud of it! That’s when you know you are officially a ‘not so grown up’ writer.

The biggest part of being a writer is finding a way to tell stories that are unique, and if you can do that then I would argue you’ve earned the kudos to call yourself a writer. Write more, worry less and give yourself a pat on the shoulder.


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