Key Skills

  • Creating engaging and informative content tailored to meet briefs
  • Proofreading and editing a range of content (blogs, policies, letters, emails, cvs, screenplays)
  • Collaborating with team members to ensure a cohesive working environment
  • Use of initiative when prioritising and working to tight deadlines
  • Genuine passion for writing and storytelling
  • Hardworking and ambitious
  • Communication skills across range of channels including email, social media and WordPress
  • Working in partnership with team members and external multi-agency teams


Freelance Copywriter (Volunteering)

​2014 – present

​Since 2014 I have offered my writing services to those in need in my local area. This has included writing a letter for a Syrian refugee to support his application for a nursery placement for his daughter, supported an individual whose first language was not English in filling out official government forms relating to housing needs. In addition to this I have experience proofreading and editing policies and procedures for two local childminders to ensure that they were up to date and in compliance to any changes in the EYFS. I have also maintained a small business website for a child-minder where I have updated the gallery and content regularly.



Childminding Assistant

​2016 – 2017

As an administrative assistant for a local child-minder I was responsible for developing and implementing policies and procedures for childminding practice. I would also carry out administrative tasks such as photocopying, filing writing reports and maintaining website. Following the Early Years Statutory Framework I would also plan and evaluate activities and signpost parents/carers to relevant external services.


Early Years Assistant

​2015 – 2016

​Due to a change in circumstances in 2015 I took advantage of an unexpected change in career and became an Early Years Assistant where I communicated regularly with parents about daily activities and behaviour. I carried out administrative tasks on behalf of the room leader, liaised with parents/carers, nursery workers and health and social care professionals and I was responsible for ensuring displays and posters were attractive and up to date.